Protecting the best interest of your kid: Understanding Child Custody

Divorce has its worst impact on kids. Parents must think of ways how to cushion the bad effects of a failed marriage to their kids. One big issue ex-couples will face is child custody. This refers to the responsibilities and the rights of the parents with regard to the children.

Types of Child Custody

You have two kinds of child custody– legal and physical.

Legal custody pertains to right of a parent to decide on important matters with regard to a child’s education, residence, welfare, and health. This custody can be sole or joint. If the separated parents opt for a joint custody, they will be sharing the right of making these very important decisions. Sole custody on the other hand only gives the right to one of the parents.

Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to where the kid will reside. This can be either joint or sole. In a joint custody, the kids will live with both parents. Primary or sole custody will have the kids living with one parent while the other parent gets visitation rights. In joint physical custody, the kid still ends up staying longer with one parent due to circumstances like attending school.

Visitation Rights

This right is given to a parent who does not get the physical custody of a kid. This allows the parent to spend time with his or her kids. This will greatly depend on the court order that will look into the situation of the parent, the best interest of the child, among other factors.

Visitation can be classified as supervised visitation, according to schedule visitation, or reasonable visitation.

Reasonable visitation rights means both parents leave this aspect open-ended. This demands cooperation and coordination between the parents. They will decide among themselves how the kids will spend time with them.

Supervised visitation requires the other parent or another party to be present while one spends time with the kids. Scheduled visitations just refers to the agreed dates and times when one can see his or her kids.

At the end of the day, the court’s priority is the welfare and best interest of the child. Every aspect of the decision will make sure that the kids gets the best out of the situation.

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Tips when hiring a sexual harassment attorney

sexual-harassmentIf you are in a difficult situation of dealing with a possible sexual harassment case, you will need the help of a sexual harassment attorney. If you have been or being sexually harassed at the workplace, you need to consult your human resources department and an attorney specializing on such cases. Getting in touch with a sexual harassment lawyer allows you to act quickly in case your HR department does not respond accordingly.

Kinds of sexual harassment

In certain states, sexual harassment is classified as a hostile environment or a quid pro quo.

Quid-pro-quo cases means one is asked to do sexual favors in exchange for some benefits like being promoted. A victim can pursue the case whether he or she went along with the sexual harassment scheme.

Hostile environment is when a worker feels uncomfortable because of the actions and words that are of sexual nature by his co-workers.

What a victim must do

You need to coordinate with your HR department if you have experienced sexual harassment at the office. The victim must be able to document the details about the even such as knowing what time it happened and where it happened. Any offensive images or correspondence must be documented.

Working with the sexual harassment lawyer

The attorney with expertise on sexual harassment cases will evaluate your case and determine if there are other problems that must also be resolved like discrimination. It is common to see other problems on top of the sexual harassment case.

Ask your friends, colleagues, or family for a referral when looking for the best lawyer to handle your case. Ask your prospect lawyers about their know how of sexual harassment laws and experiences with similar cases.

Another important aspect of working with a lawyer is that you are comfortable with him or her since you will be detailing a traumatic experience that you have gone through.

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Myths about medical negligence claims

Medical procedures today are generally safe. There are incidents though when these procedures may go wrong. Aside from the injury, patients also go throug a lot of stress, emotional issues, and financial difficulties. Sometimes, the only way out is to make a claim for medical negligence. Some patients though are intimidated with the process and some misleading myths like the ones we listed below:

Choose a local solicitor

A lot of medical negligence claimants are led to believe that they need to hire a local company to help them with the claim. This should not be the case but you should hire the most qualfied medical claims lawyer to do the job for you.

The process is very complcated

A lot of medical negligence claimants think that they need to accomplish a ton of forms to start the process and deal with a whole lot of questions. Your attorney will be able to handle all the complicated things that you are not familiar with.

It will be very expensive

You do not have to drain your bank account to win a medical negligence claim. You can find lawyers who offer affordable services that will fit your budget. Any top lawyer will accept a strong case of medical negligence.

You have to wait for years

You might have seen on TV that it takes years before the resolution of a case but this does not tell the whole story. High profile cases can actually be settled in a shor span of time since parties want to avoid all the hassle and media. This means that you can get access to your much deserved compensation.

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When do you need an employment law attorney?


You need an employment law attorney when you need to protect your rights at your workplace. This applies to both the employee and the employer. Remember the the scope of employment law is very wide and it is best to seek the guidance of an expert just to make sure that you are not violating anyone’s rights. Employment law attorneys will be able to help you during certain scenarios:

  • When an employer needs to terminate an employee because of certain violations of company policies or if an employee should be dismissed due to poor performance. An employment law attorney will ensure that everything is done within the limits of the law.
  • In cases when employees feel that they have been wrongfully treated, dismissed, or when terms of contracts have not been honored. The attorney will be able to advise you what actions to take so you can protect your rights and get what is rightfully yours.
  • If you were discriminated at work in terms of your gender, religion, sexuality, disability, or skin color. The employment lawyer will be able to assist you resolve this in your favor.
  • Lawyers will be the right person to consult in case you were promoted and a new contract will be implemented between you and your employer.
  • Interpretations of new employee handbooks may also be handled by employment attorneys so misinterpretations will be avoided.

The expertise of a an employment law practitioner can help promote hassle free operation of business, protect the right of employees, and make sure that what is due to a certain party will be awarded to them.

Some of the information has been checked with a professional tax attorney to make sure it matched up with what you've come to accept from us!

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Legal Tips: Finding the right divorce lawyer to help you

divorce-lawyer-for-menWhen you are going thru a divorce, you expect the worst. And for such legal matters, you want not any divorce lawyer, but you want the best attorney you can get. It is not that you want to pounce on your spouse in court but it is common sense.

Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a divorce lawyer:

Define what is best for you

You have to determine what is best for you. You have to look into the qualities of a lawyer that makes him best for the job. You need to know if you want someone who is just casual or very business like. Get to know the lawyer and his approach to your case and see if this suits you best.

Option vs decision

There are attorneys who will give you a list of options and paths you can take as you go on with the divorce. There are also lawyers who will be willing to make decisions for you and see what is best for you.


You need to know how far your bank account will let you go. The more experienced the lawyer is, the higher the fees will be. Remember though that the most expensive is not always the best. You need to determine if you can afford the lawyer and how he or she can help you with your case.

Trial vs Settlement

Do not assume that you really want the case to head to the courtroom. But you should also not assume that it can be settled. You need to consider how things might go and how your lawyer will handle the case.

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Accident Claims and The Benefits of Getting Legal Help

If you are injured in an accident you have legal rights to make sure that you are compensated. However you have to be careful to make sure that these rights are protected. The best way to do this is to get legal help. A lawyer will be able to make sure that you are able to get all the compensation that you are entitled to.

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What happens after getting multiple DUI offenses?

Driving laws have changed significantly over the past few years, as have the penalties for DUI offenses. Driving Under the Influence carries very stiff penalties, including jail time in many cases. Repeated convictions of DUI can result in permanent revocation of the offender’s driver’s license as well as many years in prison.

dui offensesIn the United States, the legal age for drinking is 21. Those caught drinking and driving under this age are automatically arrested for underage consumption of alcohol. In addition, the blood alcohol content or BAC is now 0.08 percent for all adults. Those caught exceeding this limit can be arrested for drinking and driving.

Of course, the first offense typically just carries with it a strict warning. Many may be forced to pay fines and court fees and some may serve minimal time in a county jail cell. Those caught with multiple DUI offenses are consider an HMVO or Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender. These persons may find their licenses revoked for two or more years and may be sentenced to five or more years in prison. Most states in the Nation have now increased their penalties for habitual drinking and driving. Repeat DUI convictions are now seeing more jail time. The fines have increased as well and the act of receiving a hardship license, which typically allows offenders to travel back and forth to places such as work and doctor’s visits, is now more difficult than ever.

For those who are facing multiple DUI offenses, an attorney is needed. Finding an attorney can help you to see a reduced charge and/or saving yourself money and jail time. The sentence and other penalties that are imposed by a judge are mandated by laws within each state. In many states, repeat offenders may spend more time in jail. In fact, many states now send first time offenders to lengthy jail sentences.

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What Do Business Insurance Attorneys Do?

It seems that the entrepreneurs of this generation consider the absence of a business insurance attorney to be a blessing in disguise. They do not realize the simple fact that they are heading to bankruptcy without the legal counsel of these attorneys. In the rest of the passages, I will explain the importance of a business insurance attorney – and the vantages you can obtain by hiring one to manage your insurance activities.

Business Insurance AttorneysBusiness insurance attorneys primarily take up the disputes that materialize between an insurance company and a business establishment. The authorities appointed by the insurance company might feel that a certain business establishment is trying to milk their resources. On the other hand, the entrepreneur who takes care of his business establishment might feel that the insurance company is playing spoilsport by not granting the insurance amounts. A legal battle will follow and both the parties will seek assistance from business insurance attorneys. An insurance attorney handles this one situation quite frequently.

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Asbestos Lawsuit Settlement

Fine particles of asbestos act as a carcinogen. Continuous exposure to the mineral can induce cancer, eventually. One can file a lawsuit against the management if a doctor diagnoses the condition on them. The settlement, if won, can help the invalid to pay for his medical expenses. Normally, in such scenarios, the bench will grant in favor of the claimant. Asbestos SettlementsHowever, it is better not to take any risks – opt for someone else (an expert attorney) to fight the lawsuit settlement on the behalf of the sufferer. With the increased usage of asbestos, the number of asbestos lawsuit settlements also began to rise.

Asbestosis or the cancer growth induced in the employees (because of the inhalation of asbestos particles) provides a legal foundation to battle against corporations. The scenario might look simple as well as straightforward. However, the attorney is going to have a tough time trying to establish a relationship between the condition and the working scenarios of the claimant (which resulted in his situation). The probabilities of treating cancer successfully are slim. The treatment procedure is expensive, likewise. An asbestos lawsuit settlement is the only way out to escape from the hefty hospital bills.

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Finding an International Adoption Lawyer

Many consider international adoption as an uncomplicated routine. As the number of adoption agencies began to rise, they started advertising that adopting a child from an international country is a simple process. Once you initiate the protocol, you will realize that the procedure is far from being easier. adoption lawyersOne of the initial hurdles that must be tackled by you will be to find someone who is well versed with the techniques – an international adoption lawyer. Working out to execute the legalities all by yourself is a senseless decision, and you will have to pay the price for this eventually.

Let us ponder over the momentousness or the part played by an international adoption lawyer in this specific scenario.  The lawyer must guarantee that the adoption process is occurring according to the legal terms and conditions laid out by the countries. In simpler terms, you must locate a lawyer, who is well versed with the elaborations that are in store for you. The same lawyer must be proficient in the national and international laws pertaining to adoption. He will have to tackle various issues – all by himself. He should be someone who is desirous of transfusing courage and hope in your mind.

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